The Guardian Beta (Halo 3)

Standard The Guardian Beta (Halo 3) 2016-07-13

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Supported Core Gametypes
  1. Slayer
  2. Strongholds
  3. Multi Flag CTF
  4. Neutral Flag CTF
Feedback is welcome and greatly appreciated. i also need help creating lobby's to test this if someone could help out. Thank you

GT: Dead Cassette back with a Guardian remake that is spaced out for the way halo 5 plays. this map takes the exact same form as the original Guardian but built a lot different. you can climb on most trees. you can also get onto some high places using the lifts around the map but most high areas are covered with a timed kill barrier to balance the map. all the jumps from the old guardian are there with some added ones to help with flow.

i did the original weapon placement from the old Guardian. hammer bottom mid, BR in gold, etc. the weapons that couldn't be replaced like the mauler or spiker i replaced it with low level reqs like the recon smg for example. theres also new weapon placements that are in new areas. only two brs and a dmr in these areas.

i played snipers on this first and it played really well. i haven't gotten the chance to run a full 4v4 on any game mode but the ffa's i did play made it seem like BR starts is the more comfortable option but pistols do work. i would just need opinions. this is also in beta. a lot could change as i have over 600 pieces left. i could remove extra areas or keep them depending on feedback.

note: this is not ment to be an exact remake. this is made purely to work with halo 5. a heavy inspiration.

after some feedback i polished the map and made everything clear to spot like the glass being a tint were you can tell its glass. before i do any heavy changes i still need to get it tested properly.
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