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The Gauntlet
Welcome to The Gauntlet! The Gauntlet dates back to 2010 Reach, but here's how it adapts to Halo 5: Blue team has to get to the end, and Red team must stop them. Blue team is up against 3 stages. Each round is just 3 minutes, unless the Blue team dies, and they will... a lot.

Stage 1 (Barrel Dodge)
In this iteration, the first stage consist of dodging heavy barrels that Red team launches from both sides. Blue team has about 40 seconds to make it across the narrow walkway before they are eliminated.
the gauntlet 1.png

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Stage 2 (Sniper Hall)
Stage 2 has Red team equipped with snipers, beam rifles, railguns, a binary rifle, or a turret. Blue team has a minute to make it to the end of a hallway complete with moving walls and floors. This should be where most players on blue team are eliminated, as long as the Red's have good aim.
gauntlet 2.png


Stage 3 (The Moving Platform)

The final stage of includes heavy scripting (but don't worry, I've tested it for days to get it right). A gold platform will spawn in at the 2 minute mark. What's left of Blue team must get on the platform as it moves past obstacles. Half way through this stage is where it gets interesting. Red team has several terminals (14 in total) that move corresponding walls in the platform's path (or change the location of a flame). With good communication between Red players they have a good chance to stop the Blue team before they capture the flag to win the round.
The gauntlet 3.png

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I made sequels to the The Gauntlet 2 times in Reach, and twice in Halo 4. It has always been a personal favorite of mine and friends but has unfortunately gotten little attention over the years. I think this version demonstrates Halo 5's scripting well (even thought it was a pain to get it all right). Shout out to ForgeHub's tutorials that helped make the final stage possible with some tweaking on my part.

I'm always looking to balance this minigame further, so any feedback is appreciated.
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