Tank 1.2

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Forge Island
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Forge Island
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Insane Tank
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Insane tank on Tank

A Map where you Run from 2 OP tanks trying to knock you off the map. It includes Explosions, running, screaming, epicness, flying, and the best of all, fun for all!
insane tank explosion 3.jpg
The game's based around Rats Nest. So the map is asymmetrical and the mini-game is based off the game 'Tank on Tank'. I didn't wish to re-make that this time, but instead use the modded game-type Glitched guns for a purpose that includes Epic Explosions, and a fair game. The time limit is 5 minutes and you must survive for the time. There are 2 tanks which can strategically go around the map trying to eliminate you.

The game consist of different routes to try and keep away from the tanks. Both sides must use teamwork to defeat the opposing team. In this case, the tanks must try to eliminate the players on a mongoose and the people on the mongoose need to run like hell. Can you survive?

The map's recommended amount of players is around 10+ for the most fun you can get out of it. It has heart stopping moments, and laughter that may kill you. The tanks fire 10 rounds at once causing you to go flying. Vehicles are indestructible, but you are not. The point of the game is to survive the time limit f you are the people on the mongoose. This means hiding, running, and teamwork are all essential in this game to survive the time. There are 2 teams which make it so 1 cannot communicate with the other. Meaning no one can help the tank with shout-outs!

For all of you who want to break the map, there is a safezone covering it and an invisible barrier, also soft kills on the top and islands just in case those fail!, Just because you can wedge your mongoose into one of the ramps or hiding spots doesn't mean your safe! It can only delay your death for a few moments.

There is 1 round so people can switch teams!

Here are some moments of Awesomeness.
insane tank explosion 1.jpg

insane tank explosion 2.jpg

How to Play:
-Blue team needs 2 people every time in order to play.
-Everyone who is not blue needs to go to red team.
-Any other team colors spawn in the center of the map.. meaning they have a great risk of death. Also speaking, spawn points are in the center of the map

For the tank
-Strategically go around with your teamate and destroy all the players.

For the people on the Mongoose
-Strategically avoid the tanks with your team.

-Play with at least 3 players. Recommended to even start playing though is 6+, the recommended for the most fun is 10+ players.
-Try not to die!
-Getting out of the tank means death to you, if some one on the opposing team steals a tank, the tanks automatically lose the round.
Spawn Zones
insane tank spawb.jpg
insane tank spawn 2.jpg

Flying Death Moments
insane tank flying death 1.jpg
insane tank flying death 2.jpg

insane tank.jpg

The Map itself, the runways that you go through.
insane tank runway 1.jpg
insane tank runway 2.jpg
insane tank runway 3.jpg
insane tank runway 5.jpg
insane tank runway 6.jpg

And last but not least, the Sky View.
insane tank skyview.jpg
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Latest reviews

Best use of rapid fire so far in H4 ! Great!

I would like the time limit to be 4 minutes though, because if you get killed right at the beginning, you have to wait 5 minutes...
It would be more balanced, too. I´ve never been in a lobby where the "mongos" stayed alive for the entire round.
Map is good. I wouldn´t change anything...

Nonetheless awesome minigame, I would even call it a Classic! ;)
Don't let the plain name fool you, If you ever played Tank on halo reach well this is way different. The use of the modded rapid fire for this was genius and puts on a great very fun twist on a classic Mini Game. Great job swash keep up the great work.
This was an easy game to understand and fun to play, though when I played there were a few exploits, the games played were hilarious and interesting at best. A great game type that you can throw on for a little fun.