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Instructions for acquiring this map are given at the bottom of this page.
This map was built around Phong Chang's "Modern House," a breathtaking creation that was featured as an aesthetic map here.


Modern House by Phong Chang

Authorities have been tipped off to the location of a luxury home that is supposedly being used as a remote hideout for El Chapone, one of the world's most dangerous and most wanted criminals. Police presence in the area is scarce due to the isolated nature of the location, and the authorities needed to move quickly. Stretching their forces thin, police were able to mobilize two armed squads to the site.

The first squad was completely annihilated by Chapone and his men in a surprising show of force and ruthlessness. Police at headquarters are at first completely unaware of this humiliating defeat, as radio contact with the first squad was lost as they approached the house.


The remains of the fallen police team in front of the house.

Second squad arrives minutes later with heavier weapons and better trained men. Today they have exactly one job- put down Chapone and his men however necessary. Another defeat here would give the criminals ample time to escape before further reinforcements could arrive.

SWAT Line.png

"Second Squad," set up behind the remains of their fallen comrades, prepares to storm the house.

In this map, players join either the police squad or the elite criminals in this high-stakes battle. Criminals spawn inside the house and must defend it, while the cops start behind their garrison from which they must breach the house and eliminate the opposing force inside.

The SWAT forces will enter the house through the garage (garage door can be opened from the outside), through the back door, or by blasting through the windows. That's right, there are several points across the exterior of the house that can be destroyed by the attackers to gain entry into the building. SWAT can enter through six different vulnerabilities in the home in total, so criminals need to stay on their feet.


Did I mention that you can blow the house apart? This image shows attackers blasting through the side of the house to open up an entry.

Destruction is prevalent in this map. Due to meticulous scripting, various parts of the house can be destroyed in spectacular explosions and raging flames. By the end of each round, Phong Chang's beautiful house will look less like a stylish luxury home and more like a ravaged battlefield.


The house seen from the rear after having been damaged.

The suggested gametype for this map is breakout, and it is recommended that all players start with assault rifles rather than the default SMGs, and with no grenades.


Defending the house.

The rounds are short, resolving within two minutes, and all players have one life per round. Combat is close-quarters and the enemy could be behind any corner. Anyone who's played Rainbow Six Siege might find this type of gameplay familiar.

Side Entry.png

SWAT prepares to blast that oddly placed fusion coil to blow a hole in the house and gain entry.

Again, credits go to Phong Chang for creating the house, while I was responsible for the destruction effects, the SWAT setup, and gameplay optimization. Please watch this video by The Epidemic to get a good idea of what the map looks like.


Attackers can enter the house through this area by destroying the windows on the right, or by entering through the garage to the left (not shown). The windows on the far side of the image are also destructible.

How do I get it? (Download instructions)

To acquire the map, add ShockBolt21 on Xbox Live and bookmark Swat Raid from the list of files under that gamertag in your friends list in Halo 5. (Note: there are several different numbered versions of the map available. The file titled "SWAT Raid" with NO version number will always be up to date with the latest version.) More detailed instructions for acquiring maps in Halo 5 can be found here.

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