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Supersmash Bros
This is a remake of the game Supersmash Bros video game for Nintendo. It is a detailed small map with a base platform grassy area and 3 floating platforms. It doesnt have a background unfortunately, but still looks good. This can be played halo 5 view style or the classic supersmash bros style.

How To Play
-before you play, have everyone decide whether to play halo 5 view or supersmash bros view (2d view)
-to play supersmash bros view, once players spawn hold reload and up on d-pad. this will detach the camera from your spartan. fly up over the invisible wall and infront of the map and once set at the right angle, press view button to regain spartan controll and let the game begin!
-to re-adjust camera, press view again

-players start with plasma pistol and spartan laser
-players have increased jump hight
-3 melees, 2 laser shots, or one direct ground pound to kill a spartan
-spartan charge and melee have increased knock-back
-players respawn on top of 3 platforms
-damage boost floating in middle every 3 mins

hope you guys enjoy! :D
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