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  1. Slayer
  2. Strongholds


Squally DaBeanz

Guess what's back? I know, this map has been built in three different Halo games now. It's good, get over. At least this time I made some significant design changes. Okay, rant over...

Stigma is a small asymmetrical bridgework map inspired by Guardian, Lockout, and Ascension. It take the design pillars of these maps and incorporates them using unique geometry that feels familiar but different. Unlike Guardian and Lockout, the entirety of the perimeter can be traversed without having to cross the middle. This creates a circular flow and keeps players moving between power positions. The map mainly consists of two towers, a large interior structure, a lower open street, and the middle platform. Bottom mid houses the Overshield, and is often a mosh pit at the start of a match. Top Green is home to the Sniper, and overlooks the side of Red Tower. The Rockets are on a lower platform by Blue Tower that requires a lift to escape, exposing the player to open lines of sight.

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Squally DaBeanz
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I'm glad that this has been polished over the past couple of games, but when is Bigma coming out?
BM'd and saw it was complete and topnotch. The details are massive, vital to the feel of the play of the map. New and fresh forge stylized for HALO 5.