H2A Stigma

Minimum Players
Maximum Players
Forge Canvas
Awash (H2A)
Supported Core Gametypes
  1. Slayer
  2. Team Slayer
  3. Juggernaut
  4. King of the Hill
  5. SWAT

By Squally DaBeanz

"Once the heart of an ONI expedition, this empty outpost now awaits the return of its guardians."

Yes, it's back. This time with a new coat of paint! Originally designed in the early days of Halo 4, Stigma is a small asymmetrical map modeled after the style of the classic bridgework maps Lockout and Guardian, and shares small design similarities to maps like Ascension and Haven. Now, two years after its debut, it's been brought into Halo 2 Anniversary... And it's better than ever.

This version of Stigma is nearly identical to the final Halo 4 version, with a few minor changes to better suite the Halo 2 sandbox and take advantage of the new forge. The map still mainly consists of a two leveled structure and two towers surrounding a central platform. The map can be divided into seven distinct areas used for callouts: Red, Blue, Green, Gold, Purple, Halls, and Mid.

Red: Red Tower is the only part of the map to be divided into three levels, so its height is offset from the rest of the map. Each level is smaller than the one below it. Red 2 provides the most cover while red 3 provides the best sightlines. Red 1 is where Red team spawns at the start of each match, and has a lift leading into Bottom Hall and a jumping path to Top Green.

Blue: Blue Tower sits right next to Gold, and is a simple two leveled structure with a main ramp leading around the back, with a flanking route leading up the opposite side. The top of Blue Tower slopes upward, providing players with a enough cover to control that side of the map and enough power to challenge Red Tower.

Green: Green Room is very reminiscent of Gold from Guardian in that it has a lift and two dropdowns in the back. Top Green holds the Sniper, and has clear sightlines into Bottom Mid and Red Tower, but is exposed to flanks from multiple directions.

Gold: Gold Room is also divided into two levels, and melds directly into the Halls on both. Bottom Gold is where Blue Team spawns at the start of each match, and can be accessed from Top Gold via the dropdown.

Purple: Purple is the smallest area of the map. It is a single leveled lane connected directly to Bottom Blue, and dead ends with a small enclosed area used for spawning and jumping up to Top Mid. Off the side of Purple is a small platform with the Sentinel Beam, a lift to Top Mid, and a jumping path back up to the map.

Halls: The Halls are the main connection between Green and Gold, and are exposed to fire from Mid through large windows. A small stairwell connects the two levels, with a small grenade window overlooking it from the top level.

Mid: Top Mid is a large open platform reminiscent of the same position on Guardian, and can be accessed directly from Red, Green, and Gold. Bottom Mid is a small circular room with two curved walls in the center that surround the Oversheild and block lines of sight between Red and Gold.

Squally DaBeanz
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