Stigma [Competitive]

Stigma [Competitive] 1.8

Minimum Players
Maximum Players
DLC Required
No DLC Required
Supported Gametypes
Slayer, King of the Hill, Regicide

By Squally DaBeanz

This map began with my desire to build a good Lockout/Guardian style map, since I had failed to do so in Reach. I had built a similarly styled map in the middle of the Ravine before this, but I wasn't satisfied (even though it was a decent map). So, I took the time to compile a list of what made some classic maps such as Lockout, Guardian, and Ascension so memorable and fun to play. Things like the Shotgun drop down on both Guardian and Lockout, the rocket spawn on Ascension, open areas in the middle, towers looking toward the center, and lots of flanking routes (to name a few).

I threw these, along with some of my own ideas (like a low lying man cannon that shot players THROUGH the map), into a mixing pot, kept the things that would work well in a single map and threw out the things that wouldn't. What I ended up with was a list of aspects and simple ideas I wanted to incorporate in a single map. Then, I started building...

Canvas Map: Ravine
Last Updated: 4-26-13
Tags: Stigma, Guardian, Lockout, Competetive, THFE
Supported Gametypes: Slayer, Regicide, KotH, SWAT
Best Gametypes: Slayer, Regicide, KotH
Intended Team Size: 3V3, 4V4, possibly 5V5
Link: https://www.halowayp...le&startIndex=0


Top Mid

Blue Tower

Blue Street/ Blue Lift

Red Tower

Red Platform/Red Lift

Bottom Mid

Top Gold

Bottom Green/Green Lift

Bottom Hall/Stairwell


Video Walkthrough (Updated):

Meet Your Maker Runner Up:

Map Description: "Lost dreams and faded memories influenced the construction of this strangely familiar observation platform. 6-10 Players"

Stigma is a multileveled Guardian/Lockout style map mounted against the cliffs of Ravine. It features two towers that act as bases for both Red and Blue team, a central platform, and a two leveled hallway that wraps around a quarter of the central platform.

Additional Info: Frag Grenades are on a 150 timer. Railgun and Scattershot initials respawn on random timers. Sticky Det initial respawns at random, but with a higher chance of a Needler spawn. Shotgun and Beam Rifle have low spawn weighting, with Scattershot, Concussion Rifle, and Sniper Rifle having higher spawn weighting in respective drop zones.

This is by far the most effort I've ever put into a map, and it shows. I hope you all enjoy playing on it as much as I have enjoyed building, testing, and refining it
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Squally DaBeanz
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5.00 star(s) 3 ratings

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Latest reviews

I'm gonna go say that this is just as good as the original guardian! And that is saying something!
This map deserved its runner-up spot in Meet Your Maker. Good work Squally.
Great map, plays and flows very well an personally holds a nostalgic factor to it. Congrats on getting runner-up!