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After weeks of tedious forging and testing, the first Terminal remake with working trains is now available in my fileshare. Named after the location of Liwitoni Station from the original map, Station 7 is an exact 1:1 remake. The objective departures from the original were kept to a minimal to preserve as much of the look and feel of the original map as possible. While some features simply are not possible to recreate in the Halo 5 sandbox, every effort was made to maintain fidelity to the original. The train was created over hours of live streaming and testing until a functional prototype was created. When it became apparent that the train was a possible asset to have on the map, I broke ground constructing the rest of the environment. While this is far from my most detailed map in an aesthetic sense, the functionality and fidelity took top priority over making the map "pretty". Map is available for download in my fileshare and is compatible with Slayer and Strongholds. I did not bother making it compatible with Capture the Flag variants as the only functional CTF gametype that works with this map (one-flag) is not available in Halo 5 yet. When this functionality returns, I will make it compatible with CTF.
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