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  1. Slayer
Station 42: the old abandoned orbital platform in the Psi Serpentis system. Now its docking station is used as a FFA training ground for Spartan IVs by the UNSC. Sporting a fast paced, smaller map, with a large vertical aspect. Multiple levels, four in the "basement" and two in the "atrium". In the basement, the four levels can be accessed via stairs, platforms, or clambering. Surrounding the four levels are walkways that vary in heights and lead to strategic points or resources.
Atrium has a lower level, first accessed via two man cannons on the center platform in basement. Walk up stairs into either the old electronics store, or the UNSC armory on the other side. Above each base you can make your way to two shade turrets positioned across from each other. There are four platforms as well in the atrium, two of which sport the UNSC shotgun and the other two house a splinter grenade each. If you can make the jump, you can grab the coveted Energy Sword, suspended in a beam of starlight just above the center platform.
If you head back down to the basement, you can find the sniper on the lowest level, in the corridor that runs below a portion of the map. If you find yourself on the walkways, make your way up to the overshield or stroll on down the walkway to the active camouflage. On one of the upper levels, right above the park, you can grab the plasma castor, a sure fire way to take care of those pesky shade turrets.
There is a bit more to the map, but that's to be discovered while playing.
Have fun and thanks for even reading this post.
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