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Star Wars: Hoth 2.8

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Forge Island
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Forge Island
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Dominion, Custom Gametype
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SWBF2 (shortened)
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Star Wars: Hoth

Hey guys, Robius5991 here once again and today I'm going to share with you all the fifth map in my Star Wars Battlefront remake series. Like the title says, this is a remake/Halo re-imagination of the map Hoth. I try to make these with a new forger every time, so this one was made by myself (Robius5991), AbandonedData87 and GryffinGuy007.

Here's the important information concerning the standard gametype which is used in each of these maps (Star Wars Battlefront 2), keeping in mind that we tried to make the classes as similar to SWBF2 as we could, while keeping it all balanced :

-5 Dominion Bases
-1 Heavy ordnance drop per Base
-Score to win is 800
-Player size: 10-16
*GUAR:eek2: Suppressor, Plasma Pistol, 1 Frag, Mobility
*ASSAULT: Concussion Rifle
*SCOUT: Lightrifle, 2 Frags, Mobility, Awareness
*OPERATOR: Boltshot, Plasma Pistol, Hologram, Plasma Grenade, Dexterity

The finished product is a surprisingly balanced and extremely enjoyable twist on traditional Dominion. Due to the larger number of Command Posts (Dominion Bases) players will not tend to camp a single Command Post and will instead always be rushing to the next one. This leads to some awesome confrontations between bases and really replicates the Star Wars Battlefront 2 experience that everybody loved so much!

Map Pictures:
Original map layout from SWBF2.
The Imperial AT-ATs marching from the far back of the map, where Alpha Base is located.
From here 2 Mantises spawn and serve as the Empire's At-Sts. This picture also gives a cool view of the Snowspeeders flying towards them.
Below the forward AT-ATs foot there is a trench leading up to Alpha Base.
Bravo base is a bunker built into the mountain-side with a large trench in front of it, allowing for an enemy approach.
Inside the bunkers there are two mountable turrets with slightly enhanced damage to help defend your bunker.
Charlie Base is almost identical to Bravo except it has different trenches and an open back to the base, which connects to Echo Base.
A forward, close-up view of Charlie base, showing how its command post is more central-forward then Bravo's, which cuts off their line-of-sight from one-another.
Delta Base is represented at the Generation Station is is covered by some rocks. It also sports two trenches to its right and is one of the lowest points on the map.
Lastly, Echo Base (See what I did there?) is the Hangar, which holds the three Snowspeeders (Banshees), has an Aesthetic Snowspeeder in the back and possesses a cave tunnel which connects to Charlie Base.

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Other Star Wars Map Features:
Anyways, that about wraps up my this Star Wars Battlefront 2 map feature. I hope you guys have enjoyed checking this map out and I hope you all check out the next map. Thanks again, and I'll see you guys next time!​
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Latest reviews

This is my favourite Star Wars map in the series. It feels like you're actually playing the original game!
buah awesome map plz bros let me know when such a star was lobby starts (:
I usually hate competitive but sometimes I find a map that I can't not like. This is one of those maps. It has great game play, gorgeous aesthetics, and wonderful weapon spawns. Now I gave this map 5 stars because it is an amazing map and I wasn't able to break it. :D
I'm so glad you liked it Fedora! Sorry for forgetting that you were in that testing lobby... now I remember how you were saying that you tried to break it but that you were incapable. I've got to say that I was pretty happy about that. Thanks again though for the amazing review!
I cannot stress how much this reminds me of the actual map in Battlefront 2. I'm really happy with how this turned out!
Thank you so much Sammich! I'm really glad you liked it that much!