Speedrun [Minigame]

Speedrun [Minigame] 1

Minimum Players
Maximum Players
Forge Island
DLC Required
Forge Island
Supported Gametypes
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Speedrun - Survival
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Speedrun is a new take on the "run map" concept. Traditionally, these kind of maps had you frantically running through a linear tunnel with a kill ball rolling behind you.

In Speedrun, I've replaced the kill ball with a moving hill. You must keep pace with the hill--you can't get ahead of it and you can't let yourself fall behind. Outside of the hill you can't move, and if you're left behind you'll soon be caught by a death teleporter.

The advantage of this kind of design is that Speedrun is able to feature multiple pathways, including some hidden routes. It's a refreshing break from the linear design common to run maps.

The design of the map is heavily inspired by Mirror's Edge and attempts to combine the normal aesthetic of the City with the abstract aesthetic of Mirror's Edge DLC.

To see the map in action, check out this video:

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Latest updates

  1. Scoring issue fixed

    I've updated Speedrun to address an issue with scoring; If the second-to-last player fell off...

Latest reviews

Played this 2 or 3 times, and it definitely has that feel from Mirrors Edge and is really unique. I think as a gametype it can support multiple maps and stand on it's own!
Definitely my favorite mini-game of Halo 4. All the different routes and passages make the game really fun and unique. AWESOME!
Arguably one of the best Halo 4 minigames created; perfectly balanced unique fun, without any funky honor rules
addictive minigame with the perfect balance between frustration and fun. can be played over and over again and doesnt have to be completed to feel accomplishment. outstanding with a lot of replayability because of multiple routes
All round excellent map: clever concept, ingenious 'moving hill' contraption, well forged pathways, lots of fun, very re-playable, balanced difficulty ( jumps are not too hard, hill width is generous)...

Also when he says there are multiple routes, he doesn't mean just 3 or 5 separate paths, he means like every 3 seconds they'll be another opportunity to cross from one path to another, its very clever how he entwined them altogether, its impossible to take the same path twice and that's what makes it re-playable. Because you can't go ahead of the hill, faster paths aren't any more useful than slower ones, making a very balanced game.

It's also worth pointing out that this game is really fun just to play on your own if none of your friends are online.
O my God this is the funnest mini I've played in a while. We played it three times in a row and it never got tired. :D
Great map and super fun , nothing else to say except download it now.. seriously stop reading and just download it!!