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Mechanized Warfare
IN-GAME DESCRIPTION: "23 December, AD 1942: Southern USSR - Aid in either the alternate success, or failure of Erich von Manstein's operation: Winter Storm".

1.jpg BACKGROUND (lore?):
December, A.D. 1942 -
The town of Spartanovka, located at the northern end of Stalingrad, has become for the second time in 1942 a pivotal strategic point between Axis, and Soviet forces. Starting on *12 December, the rescue component of Army Group Don, under Erich von Manstein, slogged through Soviet defensive lines encompassing the besieged German 6th army at Stalingrad; and after six days of ferocious fighting, a seven-mile wide western corridor was established for Axis troops to evacuate through. In response, the Stavka redirected units tasked with the Italian 8th army’s destruction toward the east. Soviet forces proceeded to strike north of Stalingrad, killing and capturing some ~21,000 Axis troops. Six panzer companies are sent to Spartanovka to stall the Soviet formations threatening the Stalingrad pocket.

July, A.D. 2572 - The discovery of Forerunner energy caches on Rockford in the Hawking system promoted a race between UNSC, and remnant Insurrectionist forces to secure the ancient assets. The colonial navy dispatched two medium cruisers, one light destroyer, and two heavy frigates; and the rebels commissioned four light cruisers, one medium destroyer, and three light frigates to Rockford. After conducting geo-surveys, the opposing task forces deployed and engaged each other at a north pole energy installation. The cavalier fighting damaged six energy collectors, which caused severe electromagnetic disturbances within a 10 mile radius. A nearby emergency slip-space generation ignited a dimensional rift: sending thousands of UNSC and Insurrectionist personnel, and equipment into ancient periods of time.

December, A.D. 1942 - Sixteen persons, eight UNSC members and eight Insurrectionists, were displaced to the 1942 winter that was ravaging Spartanovka. The servicemen agreed to work together in collecting lost equipment, and to appraise their situation. When the location and time period were determined, and when the purpose of a distant tank battle was realized, the fragile coalition dissolved. The UNSC pledged their allegiance to the Soviets: stating that the destruction of Hitler's Germany mustn't be delayed by even a hour. The Insurrectionists vowed to fight for the Axis: stating that the destructive disease of communism mustn't be allowed to expand. The two stranded groups then separated and prepared to attack with meager resources: eight Scorpion tanks, six Mantis exoskeletons, and two Gungoose ATVs in total.

The fight was on to rewrite history.

*Operating under the, very possible, hypothetical that the Axis transportation network(s) were revised to allow the passage of heavy tank battalion 503 to its assembly point; and respective frontline commanders releasing earmarked infantry, and panzer divisions promised to participate in field marshal von Manstein’s operation: Winter Storm by 12 December, A.D. 1942.
Description: Set amidst the frozen landscape of southern Russia, Spartanovka is a "tank world" inspired map that utilizes a modified version of the "tank world - elimination" game mode. The map has been designed exclusively for vehicle-on-vehicle combat, and supports a lobby of 16 total players.

The red team (Soviets) spawns in the north, while the blue team (Axis) spawns in the south. Both teams have an arsenal of four Scorpion tanks, three Mantis exoskeletons, and one Gungoose all-terrain vehicle. Additionally, each player carries a rail gun, and a SAW machine gun: both weapons having unlimited ammo. Points of interest include, but not limited to: the church, the southern housing units, the town hall (north-west), and the eastern heights. Player health varies for each fighting vehicle:

Scorpion tank (front) - take six hits from an enemy Scorpion; three full machine gun, and missile barrages/ salvos from an enemy Mantis; and twenty-six full salvos from an enemy Gungoose.
Mantis exoskeleton (front) - three hits from an enemy Scorpion; two full missile salvos, and one and one/ half machine gun barrage from an enemy Mantis; and fourteen full salvos from an enemy Gungoose.

Gungoose ATV (front) -
one to two hits from an enemy Scorpion; a half to one full machine gun barrage, and one missile salvo from an enemy Mantis; and six full salvos from an enemy Gungoose.
Map title:

Game type: Mechanized Warfare

Map author: InvokingTexan
Author notes: There is a system of teleporters in place that encompass the entire map, except initial spawn areas, to prevent players from performing a “dereliction of duty”. The teleporters affect players only on foot, and not occupied vehicles. So if you exit a vehicle past the "red line", mongoose drivers can switch between empty seats without worry, you will be teleported outside the map to a designated kill zone. Constructive feedback, and criticism are warmly welcomed and encouraged. Now, if map breaches are found, or travel distances require re-balancing, or object spacing requires adjustment, then please let me know so I may update and resolve the issues.

Until next time,
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