Spanky's Funtime Map #2

Spanky's Funtime Map #2 1.0

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Forge Island
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Forge Island
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Spanky'sFunTime Game
RocketHogs are hills and everyone wants there ride in the hot seat!

Right off spawn you'll want to grab a Rockethog with your team mates and head towards one of the two highlighted hills. Your goal is to capture a hill warthog and drive! The first team with the most points at 7min or to gain 200 points wins. This custom warthog playground and game type was built by SpankyLongballs.
Enjoy playing this map with a big lobby that needs a fast break from competitive and have fun with the casual chaos.

  • In this game mode you can play with 4-16 people and in any arrangements of teams, though gameplay is best at teams of 3 or 4 players per team.

this pic is just one example of red team gaining points and killing the leading green team.

In This pic, yellow team is being damaged trying to escape from their enemies.


*I recommend just downloading this after you play it with me sometime. and map #3 is on the way :D
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This map is mad hilarity, and is a very fun way to waste time. Best played served cold.
does not make my penis soft!!!
I've played a-lot of maps with the rocket hog feel in them. The amount of jumps and swift turns on this map enable for no spawn camping. You very infrequently get high jacked and team work is not needed but it does help a-lot when your capturing more than one hill. The reason you don't get frustrated with this map is because there is just that, more than one hill. You are not forced to one spot on this map which is over-powering. I wish they brought back team race and rocket race but this will have to please me for now.
It brings back that fun Rocket Race feel but on a whole new level with a map well designed for it. There is always something happening when multiple teams are fighting over objectives that are often on the move. The infantry and vehicles are well balanced giving anyone a chance to turn the game around in their favour. Warthog combat is fun and it mixes in with people on foot while all the time there is a clear objective creating a crazy yet somewhat tactical mini game. For what it is meant to be I really can not fault it in anyway and had a lot of fun playing it.
Great map. This map brings awesome Warthog fights which remind me a lot of Reach's Rocket Race which I oh so miss. I also like how players on the ground aren't completely screwed because of their jump height and concussion rifles.

Good job, Spanky. :)
Very hectic, very fun game for anyone who's looking for some explosive warthog action without being super competitive about it. I love this map and gametype.
I've heard one person say this game is too simple. I say that in Halo is beauty! Spanky's maps really suit their names. What a fun time! One of great things about this gametype is that everyone is constantly moving. You always have to be checking for that new hill. I also love how the map is set up for really fun warthog maneuvering. I've never played this this without a smile on my face and I recommend everyone gives it a try.