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Skill Slayer 1.2

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Skill Slayer is a modded gametype with minimal auto-aim, magnetism, and zero bloom, for a more challenging multiplayer experience.
'+' variants have zero auto-aim/magnetism.

Skill Slayer+ (no AA/Magnetism/Bloom)
Skill Slayer+ Classic Magnums (same as the above with a 3SK Magnum - OP but still sweet)
Infinity Skill Slayer (Minimal AA/Magnetism, no bloom, infinity features enabled)
Infinity Skill Slayer+ (no AA/Magnetism/bloom, infinity features enabled)
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 3 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Skill Slayer+ 1.2

    Skill Slayer is a modded gametype with minimal auto-aim, magnetism and zero bloom, for a more...
  2. Skill Slayer 1.1

    - Enabled auto-aim with a tiny multiplier, so you can actually land shots within your reticule...

Latest reviews

This is beautiful... so beautiful in fact, that words alone cannot describe it. Perhaps with this, we may see a much needed skill gap increase on MM & tournament gametypes. No longer will I need to put up with an overabundance of auto-aim & reticle magnetism ruining Halo, XD.

It may be a simple dream of mine, but I honestly do hope this takes off. I have the utmost confidence that you can achieve something spectacular Gordon. Thanks for your efforts getting this out to the people, and especially...

to me :)
It does what it says. While I personally wouldn't want to play this in MM, my aim sucks and I've been using it in customs to try to get better. It definitely works for that. Muchos recommendos.
Love it. Obviously it could be improved upon a bit (ie. vehicles), but there's a lot of potential uses for this. Keep tweaking those numbers; a little auto-aim is a good idea, because we're not using mice to aim!