Silhouette Final

Minimum Players
Maximum Players
DLC Required
No DLC Required
Supported Gametypes
Slayer, Custom Gametype
Custom Gametype Name
Gun game

Hello Halo Customs!

I'm back for the second time with a new map called Silhouette (oh really?)

This map was born for small FFA lobbies but after some adjustments and a lot of testing I've decided that this map can support Team Double also.

It's a totally asymmetric map with a lot of very funny jumps.

The initial ordinance drops (0 min. respawn) are:

x1 Sticky Detonator

x1 Needler

x1 Scattershot

Then in close proximity to every initial ordinance drop there are 2 casual ordinance drops of the same weapon of the initial drop.
This mean that there are 6 casual drops: 2 for the Sticky, 2 for the Needler and 2 for the Scattershot.

There's also one more casual drop (with no initial drop near it): a Railgun.

Finally for the aesthetic...well as always I've tryed to make a very clean map even when the terrain sucks(I think Ravine and Erosion are the hardest maps to forge on if you want to implement the terrain).

Now some pics (look at the lamps under the arcs; they really work!)


Oh and don't forget to try this map with GunGame. It's insane!
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Latest reviews

When I started this up last Saturday I was instantly amazed at how fast I had a gist of the map. so
A. Easy to navigate and memorize map
B. Tac Jumps are awesome :) The way they were structured made them cover and well Ramps to jump
C. The Drops that come down are well suited and fun to use on the map
D. FFA is AWESOME ON THIS. Even when it got to about 12 people ;)

I hope you make another map like this and keep on forgin
Excellent 2v2 map. The flow, gameplay, and aesthetics are great and I never got bored playing it.

All the height variations and movement options keep gameplay interesting that makes players not get bored easily.