Shores of Time

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Forge Factory
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  1. Slayer
  2. Strongholds
  3. Multi Flag CTF
Finally releasing my first forge map of Halo 5! I know what you’re thinking, “Isn’t this that one map from Destiny?” You would be correct! Shores of Time was one of my favorite maps in Destiny and I decided to remake it Halo 5 style. This map is brought to you by Forge Factory!

This is a big team map that plays Slayer, CTF and Strongholds gametypes. I suggest having 10 – 16 players as this is a pretty large map. Free For All is also fun, but the weapons aren’t exactly balanced for it. Still working on that!

I tried to stay as true as possible to the original, although I know it is not even close to an exact remake. With Halo 5 having such different movement options and variables than Destiny I didn’t want everything to be to exact scale. Also, Destiny does not have a custom game option so I couldn't just walk around. For 2 hours I tried to get a game on the map to record it and couldn't get one. The foliage options were very limiting, so if they release more trees/grass/bushes in the future I will try to touch up parts of the map to make them more realistic. I want to thank TurbTastic and SoS Darth Algar for helping with the Aesthetics. I still have a huge budget so I will be adding things here and there as I go.

Some things I want to point out: Almost all of the “jumps” are still there, even some new ones if you can find them. I also added a man cannon going from Red Spawn (A Spawn) to the “B” platform, because in Destiny you were able to make this gap with a double jump. Also, the teleporter actually works at B platform! It is a one-way teleporter that will take you to C cave where the water is. I made it a one-way because it felt too campy going back and forth through cave to control rockets/platform.

The letter decals (A,B & C) only appear during Strongholds gametypes. This is something I could consider changing if people liked to use them as callouts. Also, the teleporter DOES NOT WORK in Strongholds, as it made it too easy to converge on C.

Weapons on map currently:

2x Sniper (Weapon Pad): 180s
1x SPNKR Rocket (Weapon Pad): 150s
1x Shotgun (1 spare ammo): 120s
2x DMR (1 spare ammo): 90s
2x SMG: 60s
2x Storm Rifle: 30s
2x Plasma Pistol: 45s
1x Needler: 45s
6x Plasma Grenades: 30s
2x Splinter Grenades: 30s

Originally I had 2 Rockets on the map that spawned at the same spots as “Heavy Ammo” in Destiny. They were on delayed spawn and it felt like there was just nothing to fight over in the beginning of a Slayer game. I also had the Snipers closer to the “Special Ammo” spawns in Destiny, but it felt very easy for one team to control.

Please let me know your comments, questions, concerns, etc! I understand this is not an exact remake and some things will be slightly different, but please don’t tell me that I’m “missing a rock here”. I am more concerned about the overall flow of gameplay and the feeling of movement.

Don’t forget to visit to check out our other member’s really awesome forge maps and creations!
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