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A Squid Loaf and DEATH WEAPONxx present:

Shipwrecked on Skull Isle


A fun, user-friendly puzzle map that will appeal to newcomers and seasoned sleuths alike. Gather supplies for survival and uncover secrets in this grand adventure for 1-3 players. Will you survive long enough to be rescued? Or end up as just another lost soul, claimed by Skull Isle.


Keep an eye out for these yellow squares that indicate where you can interact with an object(s):

Important Note: You must crouch and look down to interact with yellow squares on the ground. This is due to the fact that switches have a small range of interaction that cannot be adjusted.

Be sure to check your campsite periodically to see if you've gathered enough supplies to improve your homestead:

Or to see what tasks remain on your checklist.

Map Info:

Name: Shipwreck on Skull Isle

Gamertags: A Squid Loaf, DEATH WEAPONxx

Players: 1-3 (Possible to play with more but not recommended)

Gametype: Slayer with unlimited time and fast respawns.

(You can use my gametype Puzzle Mode (Slayer) if you don't feel like making your own)


Thanks to DEATH WEAPONxx for being an amazing Coforger, and to Unsorted Guy for input and perhaps a future video, as well as all the testers (too many to list but you know who you are) who helped make the map better.

Need help?

Check out the guide posted in the comments section on Forgehub:
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