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Digsite was a map within the 2007 Xbox 360 game known as Shadowrun. Digsite is a complete recreation that upholds the gameplay flow that made the original so unique back in 2007. Vertical gameplay is the definition of this map, in the dragon room you'll realize that right off the bat as this room was designed to force you to always look up..or down.. never an in between. Blue team spawns atop of blue bridge which is right above the Dragon bridge(Flag spawn) they have a complete vertical advantage over red team but what blue makes up in verticality and room control, red team makes up in many flanking routes and trick jumps to evade enemy fire. Red team(the attacking team) Spawn below the sacrifice pit a circular staircase that is right of the blue spawn and 9/10 will be the most foreseen initial encounter. Red team also has the "Frontal approach" if attempting to get the flag, this entrance is across the blue bridge but on the first floor and is a glass cannon in terms of results, with team work an coordination this route is a viable option. The next route for red team is a more sneaky approach but takes longer to get to your destination, right behind the red spawn there will be a pathway that leads to the "Big Hole" which is a very potent flanking route to take the blue team off guard, to the right of that will be the sneaky route that leads to the first floor right under the blue bridge..they will never see it coming, this route I often see as the main route for flag carriers as it is the closest route to go to escape from enemy fire and in my personal opinion the safest. This map uses an altered ctf game mode called "Raid(Pseudo One flag)" This ctf gamemode actually plays like one flag from the previous halo titles and I am actually proud I found a way to make this work. The other game type name is "Attrition V.01" which is a breakout gametype. This map has gone many hours of creation(20+ hours) and I am whole heartedly proud of the outcome that is this map, and I hope many of you will find that the new game mechanics that are within H5 suit this map most pleasantly, and as always I hope you have fun with this map as I did with the original all those years ago.
GT:SpartanDemonxXx Gamemodes: "Raid (Pseudo One Flag)" , "Attrition V.01"
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