Sector 14

Sector 14 Final Version V2

I was messing around when I realized that I had moved a block and created a geometry hole... it is now addressed. Sorry Everyone!:oops:
Updated Blue base so now it is accurate..... raised the top of the construction site so now it is right. Updated KOTH so now it is using the same hills as the orignal. Added new pics to main post.
OK just when I thought that Ive done all that I could do to make this accurate I find a way to compromise and improve... Whats changed? redesigned blue base and moved it so that the back alley is move open and that the side is also more accessable. Blue base got interior design changes as well as some exterior. Moved tunnel to correct location. General aesthetics and design improvements all around.... Map feels more like a construction site now.... Posted new pics on main.
Whats Changed:
I finally broke down and fixed the leveling of the outer walk way to construction so its on the second floor. (See Below)
Improved on the shape of Blue base.... Its finally starting to look like it.

Added in the missing path on blue side from ground to upper walk way. (see below)
Moved Crane

General aesthetic changes to free up budget
As the title says added more support for matchmaking, few aesthetic changes, and general spawn improvements...
Well as always as soon as I release a map I IMMEDIATELY start the improvement process and this map is no different. My bud gave me the idea to get this remake to be up to matchmaking standards and that meant to me make it more accurate..... I did.

New Blue Base (still ain't perfect but its definitely a step in the right direction)


Also Im currently working on making Ricochet work but thats down the road. Hope you enjoy.