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A Long lost forerunner training temple getting taken back by harsh sandstorms ,and natural fauna native to the deserts of barakesh.

This map plays like Halo 2 Sanctuary mixed with Halo 5's map Truth. There's 3 power weapons 2 snipers ,and 1 shotgun. The reason behind this map was all about how to combine 2 good halo maps into one good one. So? What i did was take the layout from Sanctuary ,and made it longer an more closed off to feel like truth ,but would still have the freedom as Sanctuary.
The shotgun is in the middle temple ,and has only five shots so save those bullets play'ya.
The snipers are Halo 2 Sniper Original,and a regular UNSC Sniper ,but both snipers counter each other from where their at in the opposite corners of the other sniper spawn so if your able too watch that spawn to get an edge on the other team.
The map was meant to be played via Assault rifles ,and Pistols but with the addition of longer ranged weapons and short ranged weapons it makes the map play smoothly ,and more competitive for each team racing for snipers or to the shotgun. But every map needs the testing ,and feedback to make it even better then before so please message me what works or what feels off to YOU the player. I Love the feedback i get to strive for better maps and better gameplay.
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