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Salvation 1.1

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A whole new objective-based Flood campaign experience...
Salvation is a game mode that has been filled with a ton of neat features and designed for a completely new type of Flood game. Many of you have heard of 'Plague,' from a while back, and I'm here to present what I call something that "makes Plague look like a toy in comparison to this."
Salvation is oriented around tier based gameplay offering 7 types of objectives, with unlimited phases, the possibility to have multiple objectives simultaneously, and many options to customize your very own Flood campaign.
For diversity, I've introduced 'dynamic labels,' which range from aesthetic explosions to custom announcer messages to object spawning and deleting. These labels can be activated by a trigger (like in Plague), which can be a switch, boundary, or destruction, or the labels can be activated by reaching a certain tier of gameplay.
Many innovations that have never been seen before are now shown in Salvation, such as humans converting on their dead body, reviving other players from death, and the all new 'function' label.
Make your own campaign and story with Salvation, and get some fresh gameplay on your customs!

Arrival (Map):
Recommended set Rescue Point Grace to 1 minute, and Bomb Fuse Time to 35 seconds.

Ascendance Tower (Map):
Recommended set Round time to 2 minutes.

Purification (Map):
Recommended Carrier Traits: Vehicle Usage disabled.

Demonstration Map (Demo):

Learn how to forge with Salvation using the document (Guide):

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  1. Version 1.1- Bug fixes and removal.

    Fixed Banner and incidents for Ball, Beacon, and Safe Haven. Fixed Slow Infection bugs. Removed...

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