Minimum Players
Maximum Players
Forge Canvas
Impact (H4)
Supported Core Gametypes
  1. Team Slayer
Custom Gametype Name
Team Slayer
The map flows nicely into the middle which is a key choke point as you can control that area with the Energy Sword that spawns there. You will rarely find someone using the sniper. However, if you do find an enemy using the sniper he/she should be very exposed. DMRs and Battle Rifles are scattered around the map and they act as power weapons (They are only power weapons if you download the custom gameype that I created for this map which is titled Team Slayer.)

NOTE: For some reason the ordinance in my custom game type is turned on due to a bug, you can leave it like that of you choose. Also note that any free-for-all game type does not work with the map. I chose not to add this functionality due to line-of-sight and weapon placements within the map.

Supported Gametype(s):
Infinity Slayer, Team Slayer

Custom Gametype Name:
Team Slayer

Map Creator(s):
TB Greasy
(I played every single campaign on normal mode but you can use the new file share system instead.)
TB Greasy
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