Standard Resurrection

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Supported Core Gametypes
  1. Slayer
  2. Strongholds
  3. Multi Flag CTF
"When a mysterious Forerunner structure was reactivated at a UNSC research facility, it left only burial mounds in its wake."

This is a Burial Mounds re-mix up-scaled for BTB. While the general layout is similar, many changes have been made to make this map stand on it's own. The design and environment was intended to look like it is on Reach, with the color scheme, lighting, rocks, etc. The UNSC structures replace the Forerunner Halo debris from the original, and the whole map was influenced by the verticality of Hang Em' High. The Forerunner structure is thought to be a prototype Composer, so stay away from the impact point of it's light.

Changes have been made through play-testing (this is now version 2) and blast shields were added to the red tower that can be turned on and off from the red tower and the arch. I am open to changes/suggestions for gameplay, so please leave some comments if you have a chance to try this out.

Here is a video of an earlier version of the map:
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