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Hello, everyone! I'm back with my second Halo 5 minigame: Reaper!

Map name: Reaper
Gametype name: Reaper

The objective of this horror themed minigame is simple: One red player controls the reaper, a spooky hazard suit with some scripting goodness, and the rest of the players (all on blue team) avoid the reaper to survive. If you're caught by the reaper, you'll be teleported to your death.

The way the reaper is controlled is by what is basically a giant d-pad on the map that is only accessible to the red player. The one player on red team will strafe back and forth or jump on the "d-pad" underneath him to move the reaper around the play area. If you step on the rightward facing arrow, the repaer will move right and etc.

I wanted to wait until infection released to forge this map, but I just got too impatient. I will likely rework this map after infection makes its way to H5.

Here are some images to help illustrate the concept:

The reaper greeting players in the intro cinematic:

Reaper intro.png

An overview of the play area:

Reaper Map Overview.png

The "d-pad" used to control the reaper "Dance Dance Revolution" Style:

Reaper d-pad.png

A good look at the reaper on the map:

Reaper on map.png

The viewpoint of the red player controlling the reaper:

View from Red.png

I got caught and dragged to the underworld:

Reaper Doom.png

Look out, Dave! He's right behind you!!!:


So there you have it! Thanks to all who helped during testing lobbies and a special thanks to Dr Sammy D and the ForgeHub video crew for teaching me about pressure plates which were integral to making the scripting flow so nicely.

Please give this map a try and, if you do, give me some feedback, I'm always looking for suggestions.

Until next time,

Cheers! :beer:

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