Rainbow Sniping

Rainbow Sniping

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Rainbow Sniping
In this minigame players spawn on a platform with 26 rainbow-colored blocks for each team's side. The blocks are color-coded with explosive barrels in the distance. Each player is equipped with a sniper rifle. If a player on the Red Team shoots a Green Barrel, then a Green Block will despawn on Blue Team's side creating a death hazard. Barrels explode with 2 hits, and I recommend scoping in twice for accuracy and to see the colors better. Stabilizers are enabled, so if you are scoped in and the block you are standing on despawns then there is a split second where you have a chance to thrust to an adjacent block and clamber up. This is a round-based survival game where one team wins when they've eliminated the opponents. Load 343 Strongholds, then Rainbow Sniping. This minigame works best with 2-10 players, but it is built to work with 16. The round goes too fast with more than 10 players.

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