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  1. Slayer
  2. Strongholds
  3. Multi Flag CTF
Priestess is a symmetrical 4v4 map designed around CTF. It's set in an ancient temple that's loosely inspired by the look of Zelda 64...Think of it like another temple in the world that was never seen in game.

The map features an OS, Fuel Rod and Hydra as the main power weapons. The OS spawns in the center of the large monument structure, accessible via a gravity lift or two side paths. The Fuel Rod spawns on the opposite side by the docks. The Hydra spawns in upper mid.

Battle Rifles, Carbines and Boltshots can be found in red and blue bases, and a Brute Plasma rifle spawns underwater in the lower courtyard. Turrets on either side of the map can be used to defend the bases, or as alternate power weapons.

Priestess offers a fun experience in CTF, Assault and Slayer, with a good amount of vertical engagements happening near OS and a generally fast paced flow around the map. The map is also setup for Strongholds with an alternate weapon set - Railgun at OS spawn and a Halo CE magnum at Fuel Rod house.

Please give it a download and let me know what you think in the thread below! Even though this map is what I would call finalized, I'm always open to suggestions and feedback.

Many thanks to Forge Labs for this sweet video! Check it out for gameplay footage and a breakdown of the map:

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