Power Strip

Standard Power Strip

Minimum Players
Maximum Players
Breakout Arena
Supported Core Gametypes
  1. Slayer
  2. Strongholds
Two symmetrical bases overlook an open pit with bridges down the middle. Plasma caster, overshield and needler weapon pads spawn in the middle at different levels of elevation. Designed for smaller team sizes, this map puts you in the action right from spawn. There are plenty of close quarters fights to be had in the lower levels, and in Strongholds and CTF modes gravity launchers spawn and open windows spawn in the main bases that open escape routes and some potential for mid-range headshot battles

There is a switch on the center bridge that temporarily cuts off power to the level, despawning all energy bridges and turning off the lights in the process. This allows quick access to the top level via two gravity launchers mounted on the inside of the chasm.

The map is at its best in Free-For-All or small team Slayer. I've got it wired up to support up to 8 people on each side, but I recommend a 4v4 player count for the best experience.
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