Playroom Wooden Toys

Playroom Wooden Toys 2019-07-13

Minimum Players
Maximum Players
Custom Gametype Name
Mongoose Wooden Toys
A Mario Kart 8 inspired Racetrack
Race through a Kid's chamber

24 Points to win and finish the Race. (3 Laps)

Teleports Players in a Dead Zone and let them respawn to last Checkpoints should they dismount Vehicles.

There are many scripts:
8 Checkpoints (uses Ducain23`s Race Script / Checkpoints)
1 tilting Bucket (moves and let falling Bricks when first Player hits unvisible Boundary)
- first try to balancing distance between Players
2 moving Trains (1 scriptet)
3 stomping Guards
1 shooting Robot
1 landing Doubledecker (comes down when first Player hits unvisible Boundary)
- second try to balancing distance between Players

My irst Halo 5 Map: over 1000 hours of work!

Knowing Bugs / Anomalies:
-Sometimes Train in the circletrack disappears /appears while moving
-Players lose health when passing closely after the train in the circletrack
-Moving Robot`s Head overrotates
-Train barriers behaves strange: they shift rotate under the ground

fcfe1612-8aa7-4509-b171-026428f1047b.PNG fc79d78c-db09-43ea-b434-a65899733afe.PNG 3dcb76a2-7f3e-4ace-8d2a-538b2b5edeca.PNG dc9af371-6b63-4aaa-90cf-233aabbe92bf.PNG 5a9df9c0-f3c2-4514-989a-8c68e8f4ce5f.PNG
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