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I really enjoy the map 'Pegasus', but I felt it looks to "ugly", so I decided to make new version of it.

The block textures are all the same, also reflection and physics.
Glass can not be found anymore (since it is an ancient temple) and it was replaced by a new "gate" or by some grides.

The callouts are also like the old ones, except for the "Outside" callout, which is obviously outside. I also set the red spawn to the beam rifle weapon pad and the blue spawn to the old "machinery".

This area is new and makes the map bigger. In my opinion it was to small for 4v4, it could have better been a 3v3 or even 2v2 map. I also added mancannon (sangheli version) to the map.

The skybox and the warm FX filter makes the map feel "warmer" and more like on sanghelios and not cold and hilly regions. I also added smoother fades to the surface and a lot of rocks and trees around and over the map.

Insteed of an Sniper Rifle, there is an Beam Rifle (70%) and for the Bazooka the Fuel Rod (one magazine).

And some other weapons were replaced:
Shotgun --> Hydra Launcher
--> Gunfighter Magnum
Upper Carabine --> DMR

And there are also new weapons:
Boltshot = Red Outside
Scattershot = Middle
Second Gunfighter Magnum = Middle Outside
Brute-Plasma Rifle = Frontborder of Redbase
Splinter Grenades = Upper Red Ring

I also added some visual and sound effects for the good ambient.

Give me please feedback in the comments!
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    Pegasus II Sanghelios.jpg
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    Pegasus II_2.png
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    Pegasus II_3.png
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    Pegasus II_4.png
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    Pegasus II_5.png
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