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Dutch: "Hurry up!"
The Wraith starts to open fire.

Mickey:"Look, if you wanna do this be my guest. But this, ain't... (presses button) a job you wanna rush."
Mickey finishes arming the detonator.

Dutch: "That do it?"
Dutch looks down the bridge to a watchtower with an NMPD Officer in it, which almost gets hit by a plasma mortar.

NMPD Officer: "Signal's good! (Large explosion) Arm the other detonators and pull back to me!"

: "Come on, tough guy, we gotta blow this bridge."
The two run down the bridge, another Wraith moves in and starts to fire.

Welcome back, to ONI Alpha Site!

This recreation is a near 1:1 scale remake of the Halo 3: ODST campaign mission "ONI Alpha Site". The map features a bridge with two sides to it, a lot of vehicles and weapons, and a lot of mayhem and fun!

This game mode, "We Are ODST", is a unique two sided objective game mode where each team has a different attack/defend objective. You may think it's a simple one side tries to blow the bridge and the other defends, but it's a bit more complicated then that. Lets go into a little more detail:

Attack Objective- Go onto the bridge and set 8 different charges. Once all charges are set, the ODST's must go back to their town and detonate the bridge.
Defense Objective- Make sure the Covenant don't cross the bridge and activate the switches to get into the ONI building.


Attack Objective- Move across the bridge to the other side and activate the switches to get into ONI Alpha Site.
Defense Objective- Make sure the ODST's don't blow the bridge.

Each team starts out with basic weapons: ODST's get a Silenced SMG and Tactical Pistol, while the Covenant get a Brute Plasma Rifle and Plasma Pistol. Better weapons and vehicles unlock for each team as time goes on. Almost all weapons and vehicles included in this map are only weapons and vehicles that were included in Halo 3: ODST (minus the Gungoose).

IMO, this game is best played with 5v5-8v8. Overall, through several testing lobbies I think both sides are pretty even, but please let me know if you think different.

Please leave a like/feedback. I would love to know what you guys think :)

I'll see you feet first into hell!
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