H2A Nero

Minimum Players
Maximum Players
Forge Canvas
Skyward (H2A)
Supported Core Gametypes
  1. Team Slayer
  2. Multi Flag CTF
  3. SWAT
Nero is my second time completely finishing the layout of a 4v4 map, as a result the design is quite safe. Disregarding this safeness, I think this map maintains an element of uniqueness while still hearkening back to elements of Halo Reach's Zealot and Halo 2's Sanctuary.

Screenshot-Original (3).png

Nero is setup to play KOTH, Oddball and 5 flag, its intended optimal gametype. I may add Ricochet and Assault at some point. The design revolves around a top mid which splits into a 'Y' shape, these 'Y' prongs leading to the maps power positions. These being top gold, blue snipe, and red snipe.

Screenshot-Original (1).png

Both snipe platforms extend out from the base and hold sniper rifles, similar to Halo 3's The Pit. Between these platforms lie a spare ammo clip for the snipers. Top gold holds no power weapon aside from the plasma pistol, while the rockets reside in bottom gold. Meanwhile the OS spawns every 60 seconds in top mid, drawing players back into the middle of the map.


Both bases have courtyards on their outsides between gold and themselves. Players can use the rocks and trees for both cover and clever approaches into top gold and bottom gold. A player can reach top gold and then the other base while never touching the ground with one certain route.

Screenshot-Original (2).png

1x OS - 60 Sec
2x Sniper/No Spare Clip - 90 Sec
1x Snipe Ammo
1x Rockets/1 Spare Clip - 120 Sec
4x BR
2x Carbine
1x Plasma Pistol
1x Suppressed SMG
4x Plasma Grenade
4x Frag Grenade

To Download -
1. Add GT: RegrettedKarma6
2. Campaign Timing, Friends, Easy, Outskirts.
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  1. Gametypes and cleaning.

    Added KOTH, Oddball and cleaned up some geometry.