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Standard Monastery

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Breakout Arena
Supported Core Gametypes
  1. Slayer
  2. Strongholds
Ever since forge was released I wanted to make something that wasn't part of your average Halo visuals. Nothing excited me more than trying to build a convincing Chinese or Japanese aesthetic. Glacier seemed the perfect setting for a Himalayan temple so I looked up Buddhist Monasteries and have been hard at work ever since. It has taken easily 50 - 100 hours over the past few months but it is near finalization. And man have I learned a lot. The new controls, familiarization with all these new peices, lighting and all these little tricks... it's been overwhelming, but extremely fun too.

Now here we are, up in the clouds, where monks once meditated. It's almost as good as I envisioned it. A few pertinent details: As this was primarily a learning experience, I hadn't given gameplay a lot of serious thought until much further into the build. 8v8 to 6v6 Strongholds is the recommended mode, but I think any Slayer variant would be fun with enough people. I don't recommend CTF considering the layout and well, there are no flag stands.

There are no weapon pads on the map, for better immersion. The harder ones to find: Halo 1 Pistol atop the small roof in the first floor courtyard. Jump to it via the edge of the stairs or the red and gold "angel" statues. Halo 2 BR behind the performance stage on the first floor. Railgun at the very top level after taking the lift at the back. Everything else should be pretty easy to find, plus things may change after additional playtesting. Thanks in advance for your feedback.
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