Mists of Time

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Supported Core Gametypes
Slayer, Strongholds
Download Link: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us#...d 2CHa0s_f29befd1-7af3-4943-9f2d-a07546d6f4b3

Mists of Time is a remake of the multiplayer map Shores of Time, and was built using approximately 40 screenshots and video footage in an attempt to recreate that layout, and somewhat the aesthetic feel, in Halo 5.

It is set up with Strongholds, to mimic Destiny's Control gametype.

Power weapons and "Special" weapons are placed at locations where these ammos are available on Shores of Time, and set to 3 minute intervals.

At this time, the map is fully functional and is set up for Slayer, Multi-Team Slayer and Strongholds. All other gametypes will be built into the map, including 1-Flag and 1-moving Stronghold variants.

[Edit 4/12: Multi-Flag, Neutral-Flag and Neutral-Assault have been added to Mists of Time. If you have a version that doesn't work, Bookmark the newest that doesn't start with a zero]

Mists of Time will also be set up in another version for a more Halo type of gameplay, with standard weapons found throughout the map and power weapons spawns for teams to fight for control over.

Especially with the new Forge items update, I may add more aesthetic pieces in time.

My gamertag is AddiCtd 2CHa0s (the "0" is a zero)

See video and screenshots below.

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