Minigolf 2016-07-30

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Minigolf- Teams of 1
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In this minigame each player will be on their own team, and each team has their own color-coded ball. This works with a maximum of 8 players since each player needs their own team. Players will use a combination of running into the ball, thrusting into it, punching it, and shooting it with charged plasma pistol shots to make progress and move the ball forward. The first player to make their ball into all 9 holes will win the game, so it's basically a minigolf race. When you make the ball into hole #1 a color-coded gate will open up and allow you to advance to hole #2. There is a 15 second delay from when you make your ball to when your gate opens, and I may try a few things to speed that up. Team-based shields prevent players from advancing using an opponents gate. There is a large scoreboard on the map that let's you see how far each player has progressed.

I am fully aware that there is a golf club in the game, and also that I'm not using it in my golf minigame. I don't use the golf club because there is no way to control the amount of knockback that it causes, so no matter what settings are used the ball will fly a huge distance when hit with a golf club. It's worthless for this type of game that requires precision.


I'd like to thank @SoS Darth Algar and @xXBarthXx for helping out with some of the aesthetics on the map.

Brought to you by the Forge Factory team! Checkout for more info.

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