Little China Town

Little China Town

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Hey everyone!

Here is an infection map that is forged outside of Overgrowth. Welcome to Little China Town!

The map uses the aesthetics of the buildings heavily throughout the map to make it feel like you are in a small town. It may look like I just added streets and sidewalks, but actually this map is almost 100% forged. If you have been outside of Overgrowth before you will know you can go right through almost all of the buildings, so I had to add a bunch of blocks to the buildings to make them seem like they are physically there.

Thanks to some feedback provided by Unyshek and other Infection test lobby players, I have updated parts of Little China Town to make it a suitable candidate for matchmaking. To see what I've changed, take a look at the last update :)

To download, add me as a friend, xXBarthXx, then go to my profile in Halo 5 and look for it on my fileshare.

Add xXBarthXx on Xbox Live

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