o Nondual o
Minimum Players
Maximum Players
Supported Core Gametypes
  1. Slayer
  2. Strongholds
  3. Multi Flag CTF
  4. Neutral Flag CTF
  5. Assault
I designed this asymmetrically symmetric map from the ground up shortly after the Ghost in the Shell Forge competition was announced. It was designed as a competitive map, with Ghost in the Shell inspired aesthetics. It is an abandoned inner city shopping district courtyard, with a cityscape off in the distance.

An outer ring encompasses the map, with back ramps on either side of the bases, and a large ramp to the front of each base. One side of the map features the spider tank, the other side a platform with sniper. In line with the Ghost in the Shell theme, silenced weapons are placed throughout the map, and camo spawns in the center "garden", which also has lifts to the top of the inner ring.

This map is set up with name volumes, and all default gametypes. Because of the water flooded area feature, balls will respawn if dropped on the lower level, which may be frustrating at first but offers a unique and interesting gameplay experience.

Special thanks to o Nondual o, who helped motivate me to continue working on this map to reach the deadline. He joined in at different phases, offering insight and ideas for basic layout. Once the layout was complete, he did a ton of work on the debris below the spider tank, and added pieces that made the spider tank awesome. It was also his idea to utilize the silenced weapons, in theme with stealth aspects of Ghost in the Shell. In the last hour before submitting the map, o Nondual o set up gametypes and helped test them, and set up awesome camera angles, while I was exhausted, overwhelmed and unable to think from spending so many hours finishing up the map! I may be forgetting other contributions he made. This map would not have been completed by the deadline without his efforts.

Special thanks also to rowboat 000 who created the cafe stand logo aesthetic.

Some gameplay can be seen in the first half of this video by Brusky.
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