Launch Pad

Standard Launch Pad

Minimum Players
Maximum Players
Breakout Arena
Supported Core Gametypes
  1. Slayer
  2. Strongholds
This is a remake of Countdown from Halo Reach. Introducing, Launch Pad! This map is a pretty accurate remake, with just a few minor changes.Almost all weapons are the same with the same locations, ammo count, etc. The layout is very similar, with just a few minor changes, however the map still plays very well! Launch Pad supports Slayer, Strongholds, and Breakout.

To download, add me as a friend, xXBarthXx, then go to my profile in Halo 5 and look for it on my fileshare.

Add xXBarthXx on Xbox Live

Here is some gameplay footage:

Here are some pictures of the map:

01 - overview.png

Bottom Mid
02 - Bottom Mid.png

03 - Bridge.png

Blue/Red Garage
04 - BlueRed Garage.png

Blue/Red Lift
05 - BlueRed Lift.png

Blue/Red 1
06 - BlueRed 1.png

Blue/Red 2
07 - BlueRed 2.png

Blue/Red 3
08 - BlueRed 3.png

Blue/Red Stairs
09 - BlueRed Stairs.png

Blue/Red Drop
10 - BlueRed Drop.png
14 - BlueRed Drop.png

Bottom Lift
11 - Bottom Lifts.png

Mid Lift
12 - Mid Lift.png

Top Lift
13 - Top Lift.png

Outside/ Blue/Red Balcony
15 - Outside BlueRed Balcony.png

Brought to you by the Forge Factory team! Checkout for a wide variety of high-quality maps made by experienced forgers.
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