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Maximum Players
Supported Core Gametypes
  1. Slayer
  2. Strongholds
Asymmetrical 4v4 Slayer with vehicle support. Also supports Strongholds and FFA.

Last Rites is a re-imagining of Zanzibar/Last Resort but scaled and cropped for a more efficient 4v4 Slayer experience, while still maintaining Warthog support.

While this map will give you that nostalgic feeling it is a re-imagining. This isn't a wind turbine power station any longer--it's a seaside fortress. But something has gone amiss. The large cannons mounted to face the sea have turned their gaze--the fortress is under siege and in the process of being captured. Will the guardians of the fortress become its captures?

The design changes were heavily influenced by Hang 'em High (a large map that can support a small player count). The Zanzibar seawall now resembles Hang'em's blue base which overlooks a majority of the map from a relatively defensible position. Top mid offers similar verticality but is open to attack from more angles and is much less defensible.

While the beach is nearly gone and other areas of the ground floor are a little tighter, Warthog drivers enjoy free rein of the entire map. Door, ramps, and catwalks are Warthog approved--if you're skilled enough a driver you can have your gunner in either base or top-mid where you'd expect only lone Spartans to clamber.

Can Last Resort be enjoyed with only eight players and no objective? It's a tough argument. But Last Rites will have you enjoying 4v4 Slayer, Warthogs and all, in no time at all.

Weapons and Vehicles:

4x Frags
4x Stickies
4x magnums
4x ARs
4x Recon DMR (1 spare clip)
2x Shotties (no spare clips)
2x Snipers (1 spare clip, 180sec weapon pad)
1x Rockets (1 spare clip, 120sec weapon pad)
1x Camo (90sec)
1x OS (150sec)
2x Warthogs


1x Railgun (3 spare clips) <--Replaces Snipes and Rockets in Strongholds.
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