Knock 'Em

H2A Knock 'Em

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Forge Canvas
Skyward (H2A)
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Knock 'Em
HEADS UP - This website says that this map was made by CrazyConeClan. That's my username for this website, the map and gametype are in my file share under the gametag of iKampfer

This was originally a Halo: Reach map called Knock 'Em that I remade in Halo 2: Anniversary.

The survivors spawn on the half cylinder in the middle and their goal is to stay there for as long as they can without falling off. Sounds simple, right?

Wrong, there are infected people on the left and right sides of the map and their goal is to knock you off. They can use their Fuel Rod Gun, Brute Shot, and or Plasma Grenades to achieve this.

When you get knocked off and die you become infected and help in knocking off your former survivors by creating even more explosions.

When you are the last man standing the game becomes very hectic because the entire map is shaking like an earthquake is happening since everyone is shooting at you.

You will eventually fall and die which will start the next round. There are 5 rounds and they are each 3 minutes long.

If you want to see this map in action then check out the video below.
There were some complaints about how some people couldn't see the explosions because of lag but the problem seemed to fix itself after the 2nd round.
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