Standard Kingfisher

Minimum Players
Maximum Players
Supported Core Gametypes
  1. Slayer
  2. Strongholds

Players: 14-16
Power Weapons: Binary Rifle 180s 2clips, Fuel Rod 180s 1clip, Needler 90s 2clips, Shotgun 90s 1clip, Plasma Pistol 90s
Powerups: Overshield 120s

For those who have nothing better to do, here is a rough work report of how the map was constructed. I probably wouldn't read it either :)

Phase 1: In a way, this project began the first day forge was released. I was drawn to this river area on Alpine from the moment I saw it. I made a few attempts at starting a map there, but nothing really felt right so I never saved any of it. I think it was on the way home from work one day that the map name popped into my head. The name itself actually inspired me to forge the map. I had to figure out how to make that name fit something, and I had always wanted to forge a map on that special spot on Alpine where the river changes elevation. Something clicked kinda and I started to work on it.

Phase 2: It took a couple of 4 hour forge sessions to pump out the all natural terrain blockout. Rocks can be quite a challenge. I then spent a bunch more time polishing the map up before its first playtest in it's 100% terrain state. Playtests were a blast and the map flowed really well, but there was an obvious lack of landmarks on the map. I originally wanted the map to be all natural, but I decided to experiment with a few ideas anyway just to see if anything looked decent enough to keep

Phase 3: The first additions I made to the map were a log cabin and a ranger station/Watchtower along with a small dam on the upper river end. After a few more tests, it was clear this wasn't enough, so I decided to go with the forunner theme because it would be a natural fit . I added the two mid bases first after experimenting with multiple designs. The simplest one actually looked the best. The towers were a simple design, but served my purpose of empowering those weak areas while maintaining my current routes. After testing the map with these new additions, some still thought more landmarks were needed for player orientation.

Phase 4: At this point, I added the final two landmarks which are also the spawn locations of the Needler and the Shotgun. The map was almost done, but then word dropped of new PLANTS! I was stoked when I saw the pictures and started mentally placing them in areas of the map. They were the perfect icing to the map and really help contrast the rocks. The map was complete and all I had to do was test out how it played with the new Rocket Hog addition. You can see how devastating it can be in the video.

Thank You to everyone who has helped me test this out and offered feedback. Without your suggestions, the map wouldn't be what it is today.

Here are a few pics that went over my 9 image limit.





I hope you guys like the map! :)

GT: Chronmeister
Map: Kingfisher
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