King of the Shield

King of the Shield 1.0

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'zup guys!

I'm here to bring you a tiny project of mine.

This is called King of the Shield and I've created this gametype thinking of Action Sack.

The concept is very simple: each player starts with a magnum and no shield. Enter the hill to collect points (every player counts).

Well, and then? Where's the cool thing?

The cool thing is that if you enter the hill you will be able to use your hidden armor ability (the hardlight shield) without limits and you can use it with your team to create your personal strategy to controll the hill as much as you can.

One example?

Protect yourself behind a teammate's shield...

...and jump (or move laterally) to shoot your damn gun!

This is just one of the tactics that you can use. Use your immagination and become the King of the Shield!
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