Jurassic World

Jurassic World 1.0

Minimum Players
Maximum Players
Supported Core Gametypes
  1. Slayer
  2. Strongholds
  3. Multi Flag CTF
Jurassic World

After the success of the maps "Jurassic Park" and "Raptor Pen", I had quite a few people ask about a Jurassic World map. weeeeemann even held a poll on waypoint and Jurassic World was the most desired. So over the last few months I have now finished the map, it has been teased here and there when something cool was finished, but it is finally done.

Jurassic World is a BTB map that plays very well with Mag/AR starts, BR starts will likely be fine if you still enjoy that experience. When I built this map I really struggled with a layout, for a long time, how do I make this work? How do I make the map feel like the structures aren't right next to each other? I tried many sketches and 6 or 7 layouts and never could feel good about any of them, until TimeDipper showed me a sketch that he thought might work for the map. I instantly knew that was what I was going to base it off of.

Jurassic World hosts several iconic areas from the film: The Raptor Pen, I-Rex Paddock, the overgrown Visitor Center from the original film, and a backdrop of where the kids jumped into the pool by the waterfall to escape the I-Rex. These areas are all connected by roads and have a few nice jumps on and off the roads for the vehicles. Each team spawns with a Warthog, Ghost, and Mongoose. The map has some areas with a lush jungle feel to capture the feel and a tunnel through the middle.

I really wanted an authentic feeling, Jurassic Park stuff has been in Halo as long as Forge has been around. I based my designs off of set photos, YouTube clips, and a bit off of Lego Jurassic World.

Jurassic World supports Slayer, Strongholds, and CTF. Slayer and CTF feel the strongest on this map. I find the map to be very fun to just drive around on with the Warthog. In different lobbies I seem to have adopted the "Jurassic Park Guy" nickname! My co-forgers were really great in offering feedback, coming up with designs, weapon suggestions, etc. This map was very fun to build and had rejuvenated my love for Forge. Thank you to the many people who have supported me, sent me ideas, and for those who have loved the Jurassic Park/World maps, I enjoy the many messages I have received about the maps over the last year.

Notes from the co-forgers:
weeeeemann: "The amazing Tidal forge canvas and grassy terrain allowed us to capture the lush, refreshing, environment seen in Jurassic World. Winding hills and rock ledges allow for seemless, smooth vehicle combat and CTF team transport gameplay, while the dense foliage still allows for exciting infantry entanglements. Also, "spared no expense".

TimeDipper: "A fun challenge with this map was to come up with a fun and unique layout using the iconic set pieces from the movie. I believe we were able to capture the theme quite well while providing a layout enjoyable by both core players and JW movie buffs."

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