Jurassic Park Race

Jurassic Park Race 2017-02-17

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So it's no secret, if you know me, I love Jurassic Park and making Halo maps with that theme. With the release of the last update and Race becoming an actual thing finally, it was only a matter of time before I had to just build the whole island!

Jurassic Park Race is used with the default "Alpine Rally (Race)" gametype and is two laps long given the track's length. Finding a way to build all of these areas in a way that was functional, pleasing to drive on, and great to look at, was a challenge. The physics budget was killing me, but I have learned a lot from making this.

A lot of the feedback I had received on my Jurassic maps, was that they were so fun to drive around on, I hope you all enjoy Jurassic Park Race as much as we do!
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