Jurassic island - the lost world

Jurassic island - the lost world 2.3

Minimum Players
Maximum Players
Forge Island
DLC Required
Forge Island
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jurassic park4 rampg
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something has survived...The Lost World

the lost world jurassic park.jpg

feature made by Zandril thx! :)

Humans spawn at the building but... this is raptor area
jurassic island - the lost world.jpg

Get in the car quickly ->

jurassic park4 rampage (mod)(17).jpg


jeah so this1... explore the map and u will find the bus

The alpha raptor spawns near the bus

jurassic park4 rampage (mod)(19).jpg

ps. those are not dinosaur bones :)

the humans deal 90%damage
the raptors have 2 be fast so they can fallow the cars the alpha gets invisible when he stops and has 150%damage resistance and walks 200% jumps 200% but it has 200%gavity 4 a real raptor jump :lights: Respawned have 110% / 180% / 200% / 200%
jurassic park4 rampage (mod)(18).jpg

Overview of the map

<- play jurassic island - the lost world with my jurassic park4 rampage gametype
or modded version (running raptors + player colour):
link here:

the alpha can take quite a lot of damage and is vervy very quick. after death raptors spawn all over the map. last man standing has unlimited armor ability and more shield/deals more damage.
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  1. Halo 4 Forge Map Feature #4 - The Lost World

    feature made by SirZandril
  2. most original 2 (:

    now u can enter the gas station the movie way :P bus finished building more detailed
  3. that was the worng link xD


Latest reviews

When ElectricFeel showed me this map in Forge, I was impressed by the aesthetics. He was able to put noticeable and memorable events of the movie into the map. That's what impressed me at first. The aesthetics

I wasn't too sure of what I thought of the gameplay because it was very clear that the map was quite open. And big. It took up the entire large island.

But when I was able to play in the map with the proper amount of players, boy was I wrong. Despite the map's openness, the initial Flood was able to get a kill without too much difficulty.

From that, I'm saying that the custom gametype works perfectly with the map.

Good aesthetics and good gameplay. And it has that lasting value that you want in a Forge map.

So I highly suggest giving this a download.
thx for that good review zandril! im happy u like it. (: