jurassic island - dino hunt X

jurassic island - dino hunt X 2.3

Minimum Players
Maximum Players
Forge Island
DLC Required
Forge Island
Supported Gametypes
Flood, Custom Gametype
Custom Gametype Name
jurassic park4 rampg
Custom Gametype Link
welcome to... Jurassic Park
jurassic island - dino hunt x2_3.jpg

the humans spawn near the warthogs at the JP visitor center (v. 2.3 some @ the helipad) -> get in the cars quick

jurassic park visitor center
jurassic park4 rampage (mod)(20).jpg

If u watch after spawn straight 2 the raptor cage and u notice that the shild is not longer red... means - mama is free!

jurassic park4 rampage (mod)(5).jpg


jurassic park gate
jurassic park4 rampage (mod)(22).jpg

Alpha raptor spawns in the raptor cage​
jurassic park4 rampage (mod).jpg

the Emergency Bunker - explore the map to find the powerweapons
jurassic park4 rampage (mod)(21).jpg

side entrance
jurassic park4 rampage (mod)(3).jpg

in 2.3 some humans spawn @ the helipad
Unbenannt mn.png

Overview of the map
there is as well a version of this map where u can enter the building. jurassic island dino hunt - but its an older version....​
link here:​
Inside the jp building screenshot​
link here:​
<- play jurassic island dino hunt X with my jurassic park4 rampage gametype
or modded version (running raptors + player colour):
link here:

the raptors have 2 be fast so they can fallow the cars
the alpha has 150%damage resistance and walks 200% jumps 200% but it has 200%gavity 4 a real raptor jump:lights:

Respawned raptors have 110% / 180% / 200% / 200%

humans deal 90%damage
the Alphazombie spawns in the raptor cage and if he stops he gets invisible but only the alpha - the alpha can take quite a lot of damage and is vervy very quick. after death zomies spawn all over the map. last man standing has unlimited armor ability and more shield.
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Latest updates

  1. woops wrong link

  2. most original (:

    building changed into the original visitor center. jp - gate more detaild
  3. more original and detailed

    entrance door is changed ,colours changed, bunker extandet & more stuff