Jumpscore Final

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Forge Island
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Forge Island
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Jumpscore 2.0
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Jumpscore 2.0
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A highscore map where you need to master a short obstacle course to get points.

There are ten obstacles. You get 10 points for each completed round, that means one point for every beaten obstacle!

You can play it alone (Concentrate on a new record) or with your friends (Challenge them and beat them... beat them good :lights:) !

Here is how it works:

First you spawn in this little room. Go downstairs and be the parkourist or go through the door on the right side to spectate the jumpers. If you go downstairs....

....you will see a gangblank leading you into the arena.
Then you'll jump the parkours (only if you want to ;))! You have to start at the left side.

Another perspective: Upper platform is there for spectating, the lower "platform" is the start line for your run. On this picture you can see the last jump of the circle, too.

- Perspective change -

When you failed the course you will respawn at a second spectator platform where you'll wait until everybody did the parkours. The one with the most points wins!

An overview of the jump circle. The difficulty is easy ( 4/10 ) , it just matters how often you can complete a round.


I added a kill boundary there, so that when everyone is done with the course, they can walk into it so the game automatically ends. (If you want to practice, set the time limit to 30 minutes, score to 5000 and 10 rounds)

Leaderboard Link

If you want to be put onto the leaderboard, send me a message on Xbox Live (Gt: Buddy Jumps) or HC and upload the film to your fileshare. I'm excited to see where this goes. ;)

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4.50 star(s) 2 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. 343's new link!

    :fuzzle: 343 :fuzzle:
  2. Scoring system change

    Now you get 10 points per round! (For every obstacle 1 point --> ten obstacles) ---> Higher...
  3. Bug Fixes and a little add on

    I changed the race hills. Now you actually get overall 2 points for ONE completed round! Also...

Latest reviews

I can see this becoming the new thing to be honest. I can also see people raging at it, lol, but overall a really fun game. Expect to see me playing this lots.
Very nicely made. Simple high score game that is great to play when you're bored! Simple to beat once, yet difficult to master! (:
Thank you for the quick rating! (I posted it 30 minutes ago?) Now make a new record. :D To be first ever on the leaderboard!