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  1. Slayer
  2. Strongholds
  3. Multi Flag CTF
Jagorn Ruins is a Forerunner/Aztec themed map set in the middle of a raging storm. Legend has it that the Aztec Forerunners would recieve powerful artifacts through sacrificial worship to the pig gods. Where once stood a sacrificial pit now stands just a mere barbeque pit where visitors commerce. These ancient pig statues still reside, eyeing the pit, and waiting once more for a sacrifice to uphold the Aztec Forerunner tradition.

The map is symetrical in design with Aztec Forrunner remains throughout the map. The Isle is shaped as a giant oval which has three main paths that flow lengthwise with multiple route crossways throughout the center of the map as well. Theres a sanded vehicular path around the map with a few cross over paths through the middle. Even though the oitside paths are geared a bit more to vehicles you are still able to traverse on foot easy enough.

Mid platform control is key since it oversees most central routes and can give support to either side of map. Back from mid are the bases a 2 tiered structure that overlooks the center and surroundings. From there is a mini lookout tower thats located on each side and watches the adjacent routes. Behind the base is the lift, a vehicle route, and the back little isle where a gungoose and warthog rests.

One side main route takes u around the back of pig mountain into a rocky/sanded path awaits. This path provides many options to get around that skilled players can pull of some pretty sweet manouvers.Theres a small swamp pit between the inner caverned and the outside ridgeline. Theres a main sanded vehicle path that runs along the ridge as well. Centralized along the ridge is the yellow gazzibo where life overlooks the distant ocean which houses a Typhoon and a gauss hog. The inner side has a cave that stores an invis, leads underneath pig mountain, into the pit, and out to the bog just beyond that.

Another main path takes u to a rocky beachfront cove with large rock pillars emurging from beneath the waters thats located behind the monalith tower. Theres where youll find the lone green pig statue overlooking a central balcony that has an overshield. You can travel underneath the balcony to hide from fire or use the strategic rock placement for safe movement. In front of the balcony direcrly below the monolith is a little cave that rests a sword ghost.

Last but not least is the main center path. This Aztec Forrunner multi-tiered platform should be the main point of interest with multiple routes to take and to assist in map control. Its center main hallway leads u through the basement where theres an energy sword where u can scale to mid level if need be. Sprouting through a mid level platform up and out the roof is a tree leading u to top platform where u can take in the beauty of the map. Theres a nearby lift on overlook side that will take u to the top and a few skilled clambers. Theres an escape route on each side mid-plat. One takes you out into the bog just before the pit. The other leads you to the trench just beneath the green overlook thats located beneath the monolith tower. The overlook has a beam rifle at the peak.

Be careful! There are a few deep water areas around the map such as the bog before the sacridicial pit or the 2 swamp pits on the ridgline path. These death pits are signified by bottomed algea which shows depth of water. The chaos of the storm isnt just for setting so watch out for the randomized strikes of lightning!

Be warned... Legend has it the pig gods have a since of humor and dont always play nice. So if u make a sacrifice be wary of what is to come.

Jagorn Ruins is made on Tidal and is ideal for BTB varients of Slayer, multi Flag, Strongholds, and nuetral bomb modes.
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