Island II: Scattered

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Forge Island
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Forge Island
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Island 2: Scattered
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Island II: Scattered
The second map in the Jump & Obstacle Course Trilogy, The Islands, by wizton
Possibly the hardest Mongoose Obstacle Course Ever Made.

"This is harder than my Ninja Challenge, Hands Down"
- Buddy Jumps

Easy, Medium and Hard Versions of the map
175+ Downloads! :heart:

Welcome to The Islands.
Now in colour!

The Island.jpg

Island II: Scattered is probably a map that will cause more rage quits than campers. I'm worried I may be stabbed in my sleep.

Seriously though, this map is hard. Too Hard.
But for the people who cannot do it (That's Everyone) an easy and medium version are available, with more frequent checkpoints... :heart:


The Lore:
A huge crash of a next generation aircraft test flight leaves 3 surviving spartans stranded on small rocks, miles apart from each other, in the shadows of the Great Anvils. On this island, the Spartan has stumbled upon a seemingly unlimited supply of appearing Mongooses, and he insists that the wreckage flowing around him must be conquered upon one of these miraculous contraptions.

Difficulty Downloads:
(Map Download on HaloCustoms links to HARD Version)

Harder Difficulty Versions have Less Frequent Checkpoints

Island II Original.png

Island II Medium.png

Island II Easy.png

Required Gametype: (Works With All)


The Obstacles:

Obstacle One
Hard Difficulty
1st Ob.jpg

Oh, would you look at that! The wreckage has impossibly managed to arrange itself into an en-ragingly thin and unhelpful bridge!

This First Obstacle is mean, get past that first bit and it isn't too bad.

Easy Checkpoint
Medium Checkpoint

Obstacle Two
Medium/Hard Difficulty
2nd Ob.jpg

Not much to say about this. It's a tree.

This is a particular favourite of Buddy's. It looks easy, but a slight gap on the far side will not be invited to your next birthday party, you might even want to kill it if it were living.

Easy Checkpoint
Hard Checkpoint

Obstacle Three
Medium Difficulty
3rd Ob.jpg

Love this one, a half destroyed railing turned half destroyed ramp.

Jump awkwardly over a deceptively hard jump, I dare you.

Easy Checkpoint
Medium Checkpoint

Obstacle Four
Hard Difficulty
4th Ob.jpg

Oh, another tree. Wonderful. This is longer than the other.

In case you loved the last one.

Easy Checkpoint

Obstacle Five
Medium Difficulty
5th Ob.jpg

Of course, the angled platform thing, wouldn't be a Mongoose Map without one...

5th Ob2.jpg

Above you can see it is all a bit angled, just one of those little things that make this map harder.

Easy Checkpoint
Hard Checkpoint

Obstacle Six
Hard Difficulty
6th Ob.jpg

Ah, this one actually looks a bit like a wreckage!

6th Ob2.jpg

More of the thin platform idea, the bridges hang from each platform to the other. The last one broke itself to make it even harder.

Easy Checkpoint
Medium Checkpoint
Hard Checkpoint

Obstacle Seven
Medium Difficulty
7th Ob.jpg

Probably my favourite obstacle. It is so short yet dripping with juicy drops of impossibleness, I'm giddy whenever I beat it :)

Started from the bottom now you're here? Oh wait, no, you're not, you've fallen off or haven't reached the top. Shame.

Easy Checkpoint

Obstacle Eight
Easy/Medium Difficulty

8th Ob.jpg

The painful way down.

It's a completely normal bridge, except it has huge gaps and isn't angled.

Easy Checkpoint

Obstacle Nine
Almost There!
Easy/Medium Difficulty

9th Ob.jpg

There's kill boundaries on the rock, for all you cheeky bastards.

Another angled platform thing, but with a twist. Gotta love dem twists.


Those Who Have Made Its Name's Will Be Listed Below:

Easy Version Winners:

Medium Version Winners:

Hard Version Winners: (RESPECT)
(12 minutes is my best time)

IChaZz - ( 3 Hours 23 Mins )

End Platform.jpg

Important Notes:

The Race Gametype used often spawns you facing in a completely random direction, I'm sorry about this... I have tried endlessly to figure it out and resolve it, but I can't :(

Thank you for the Gametype!


Map Overview:

The Island Overview.jpg

From Left to Right

Easter Eggs
Oh Yes, That's right. I've put some Easter Eggs in.
Just in case you can't beat something, I've gone out of my way to implement some things to find...

There are 3 Dice floating about the wreckage,

And there is a hidden platform that allows a driver to reach one of the rocky tree-islands dotted about.


Island II Original.png

Island II Medium.png

Island II Easy.png



Thank you so so much for reading! :heart:
Thank you Buddy for being the worlds best tester :)

And Island I Here

Good Luck,

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