Installation 04B

Installation 04B

Minimum Players
Maximum Players
Breakout Arena
Custom Gametype Name
Warthog Run
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Installation 04B

Cortana: "Halo. It's so new... unfinished. I'm not exactly sure what will happen when we fire it..."

John-117: "We'll head for the Portal. And we'll all go home."

Hey everyone, and welcome back to Installation 04B!

You may notice this map is very similar to the warthog run on the last level of Halo 3, however it has been modified to fit into Halo 5's multiplayer!

How to play

The gametype you should use is Warthog Run. Here are the settings:

  • Teams are on
  • No friendly fire
  • Damage is lowered so banshees are not too OP
  • No sprint, thrust, etc. so it is similar to Halo 3
  • One stonghold on map, one second capture, one point to win the round
Teams of 1-3 players (use Red, Blue, Yellow, Green and Purple Teams only) must grab a warthog and drive through the maps path in order to reach the hanger of the Dawn. However, teams must be on the look out for other players in warthogs racing them, shooting them, trying to knock them off, and they must be aware of one team which uses banshees to try to kill everyone. Each round one team is chosen to fly the banshees and the rest drive. First team to the Dawn wins (banshees are unable to enter, so don't worry about cheaters).

The map uses pressure plate scripting that allows for some of the floor tiles to fall once the players reach certain points in the map. Therefore, players must always be on the look out, since the map is constantly changing before your eyes :)


Map Feature
The Epidemic

Extra Notes

I would like to thank the Forgehub team for finding the pressure plate technique and creating a tutorial for it, ChewyNutCluster for helping me make the technique work (I spent almost 4 hours trying to figure it out lol), and everyone who helped me test it. Also, in the video it may seem like the banshees are not doing enough damage, that has been taken care of :)

I will continue to update the map/gametype based on feedback.

To download, add me as a friend, xXBarthXx, then go to my profile in Halo 5 and look for it on my fileshare.

Add xXBarthXx on Xbox Live

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